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WEB SITE SERVICES is a tool to assist clients. In addition to a wealth of content and resource information, our site offers advanced functionality that makes it possible to work with us online. You can place an order, send a file, view proofs and even make corrections to your project at any time from our website anywhere in the world with our VersaDoc System.

The following tools are available to all customers of Snyder Printer. Links to these items are conveniently located on the home page of our site.

• Request An Estimate/Place A New Order
These simple forms allow you to submit estimate requests or place a new order in a matter of minutes. Upon receipt, a representative will promptly process your request and contact you by phone, FAX or e-mail—whichever you prefer.

• Send A File
Our user-friendly file transfer center allows you to instantly submit large documents from your computer. Just upload your files, click to submit and we’ll send you a confirmation
via e-mail.

• Customer Login
Username and password-protected entry to our Customer Portal System.

• Document Library
Housed on a secure server, the Document Library enables you to view an archive of your past projects in PDF format. Also included is an easy-to-use interface for reordering commonly used forms such an invoices, letterhead and envelopes.

• Customer Portal
A Customer Portal is like having your own customer service representative on hand 24 hours a day. We create this “Website within a Website” just for your company—and tailor it to your specific needs. You control how many people from your organization have access and we take care of everything else.

A Customer Portal includes 24-hour, password-protected access, your company logo, a list of instructions specific to you, custom contact and file transfer modules, a link to our home page and a Document Library. To establish a Customer Portal for your organization, just ask your customer service representative for more information.

• VersaDoc System
In an effort to make ordering less time consuming and error-free, Snyder Printer is offering you the VersDoc System. It’s designed for anyone who purchases a variety of products such as business cards, memo pads, letterhead or envelopes. All that you need to start are the native files to set up the internet template and you're done. Just log into your portal and in a few simple steps, you can enter personalized information into business card, letterhead, envelope and memo pad templates we've created for you. Then you'll be able to proof instantly and submit your order in a matter of minutes. The system allows us to process your order more efficiently, so we'll be at your door sooner with the completed project. Contact your customer service representative for more information about how to initialize this powerful feature.

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